100 Ways to Waste your life

I'm debating on finishing comments for posting this video. Here's some choices:

"I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for anything that quenches my four second attention span."

"...but at least I don't watch tv...."

"Just in case anyone thought this blog had any semblance of a thematic tie in other then things I like and things I make."

And as long as I'm posting videos I love that have nothing to do with anything-here's one everyone must see. Michel Gondry being his awesome self:

Ooh! This post is discovering a theme. So in the realm of videos to watch your life away here's one I'll be seeing the whole series of:

So here's the question. Do my trusty readers like when I post randomness like this, or should I stick to the animation/humor/drawing posts that I've done up to this point?
Answer? Meh-I'll post what I want. Phooey on you.
Other question: Do I have readers or is it mostly just people I know in real life? To be honest, I'm fine either way. This blog is for me. If people happen to be amused by it, all the better.

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