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History of Jewish Movements: Reform, Conservative and Orthodox
Full House: A Shaboom! Yiddish Folktale for Kids
How Modern Judaism Began: Emancipation and the Enlightenment
We Are Family: A Shaboom! Jewish Folktale for Kids
Raise the Roof: A Shaboom! Jewish Folktale about Chelm for Kids
What is Hasidic Judaism? A Brief History of the Movement


What is the Birkat Hamazon? Jewish Blessing After a Meal
The Rosh Hashanah Shaboom! Special: Be the Best Me
What is Tisha B'av: The Jewish Day of Mourning
Birkat Kohanim: The Priestly Blessing Guided Meditation
What is the Birkat Kohanim? The Jewish Priestly Blessing
Wait, Bruce Lee was Part Jewish?
What is the Amidah? The Jewish Standing Prayer
What is the Ashrei? Understanding Jewish Prayer
Pesukei D'Zimra: The Jewish Warm Up Prayer
What is Shabbat? Intro to the Jewish Sabbath
What is a Mitzvah? Intro to the Jewish Commandments
A Kid's Guide to the Tu B'Shvat Seder!
How Did Judaism Get Its Name?


Where Do Jewish Laws Come From? Intro to Torah, Talmud, Halacha
The Chanukah Shaboom! Special - Great Miracles
What is Yom Kippur? The Jewish High Holiday
What is Rosh Hashanah? The Jewish New Year
What is Shavuot? All About the Jewish Holiday for Torah and Learning
What is Yom Ha'atzmaut: Israel Independence Day
The Passover Shaboom! Special - What's Different About Tonight?
The Passover Seder: What to Expect
What is Purim? An introduction to the Jewish holiday
What is Kosher?


What is Hanukkah?
Really, Really Sorry: For Yom Kippur, the Sparks say SLICHA!
Get Along, Gang: The Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home) episode | Shaboom!
Finders Returners: The Lost and Found Episode | Shaboom!
Ometz Lev: Will the Plonys Overcome Their Fears? | Shaboom!
Waste Not! An everyday Jewish idea for kids (Bal Taschit) | Shaboom!
What Is Jewish About Respect? An Intro to Kavod for Parents
All the Respect, the Plony Family Learns About Kavod | Shaboom!
Get With the Giving - Gabi and Rafi Talk About Tzedakah | Shaboom!
Everything Is Amazing! Hakarat Hatov - An everyday Jewish idea for kids | Shaboom!
The Best Medicine: Bikur Cholim - An everyday Jewish idea for kids | Shaboom!
Hachnasat Orchim: How to Make People Feel Welcome | Shaboom!
What to expect at Jewish Funerals: Customs and Traditions
Jewish Mourning Rituals: Caring for the Body
Jewish Mourning Rituals: An Overview


How to Get a Jewish Divorce
Engaged? Jewish Traditions Before a Wedding
Questions about Jewish Adoption and Surrogacy
What is a Mikvah? An introduction to the Jewish Ritual Bath
Converting to Judaism: An Explanatory Guide
Making a Jewish Home (in a multifaith world)
How to Say the Jewish Blessing over Children
Shehecheyanu: The Jewish Blessing for Firsts
Abraham and the Cave of the Patriarchs: Parshat Chayei Sarah
Proverbs: Frame by Frame - commentaries in clay by Jewish educators
Parshat Beshalach: The Story of Nachshon
Hillel and Shammai: Disagreements for the Sake of Heaven


How to Say the Mourners Kaddish - The Jewish Prayer of Mourning
Abraham's Tent: A Playfully Jewish Explanation of Why This Bible Hero Matters
Chuppah: The Jewish Wedding Canopy
Brit Bat: Jewish Traditions for Welcoming a Baby Girl
Brit Milah: Jewish Traditions for Welcoming a Baby Boy
Gomel: A Jewish Blessing for New Moms and Surviving Life Threatening Situations
Traditions of a Jewish Baby Naming
Jewish Guide to Shiva Practices and Helping Your Friend in Mourning
What to Expect at a Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Dance the Hora: How to do the Jewish Wedding Dance
Why We Break the Glass at Jewish Weddings
Ketubah: The Jewish Wedding Contract
Stop. Think. Act: Jewish Mindfulness in Action
The eScapegoat: Collecting Sins in Preparation for Yom Kippur
The Book of Ruth: a music video for Shavuot
Pairs Well: A Joyful Jewish History of Meat and Wine
Acharei Mot: A Hot Mess?
Samson: The Final Judge
Gideon's Victory Lap: The Book of Judges
Deborah's Army: The Book of Judges
Parshat Mishpatim: What The Bible Says About Money Lending
Ehud's Dark Left Turn: The Book of Judges
Parshat Beshalach: Linking the Chain of Knowledge


Parshat Vayigash: The Moral Compasses of Reuben, Joseph, and Judah
Toldot: Jacob, Esau, and Tough Talk About Cheating
Psalm 42 - Where is Your God?
Psalm 90: Before I Lost my Hair: A Reflection
Psalm 23 -"The Valley"
Psalm 1 - Sacred Guardian
A Jewish Folktale - The Mountain and the Cliff
Avoiding the Mud - A Chasidic Jewish Folktale

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10 Minute Photoshop Crash Course
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